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YEKE: Mr.PiNGu dah pindah Blog

Assalamualaikum.. Mungkin ada dikalangan anda yang mengikuti perkembangan blog Mr.PiNGu ni. Actually ada yang bertanya mengapa sudah lama saya tak update topik baru. Saya masih lagi berblog cuma saya telah memindahkan aktiviti blog saya di blog baru yang menggunakan wordpress based. Nak berubah angin.

Justeru kepada kawan-kawan yang masih ingin mengikuti perkembangan diriku ini masuklah ke blog baru den ya..

alamat seperti diberikan:

sekian terima kasih =)

OOO: Exabytes, MOLPay ink easy payment pact

Web-hosting provider, Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd has forged a partnership with MOLPay Sdn Bhd to provide fast, easy and affordable online payment gateway systems for e-commerce set ups at is hosted on Exabytes’ system and provides an integrated platform where it automates and streamlines the back office processes to enable merchants and customers to more effectively manage orders, inventory, accounting as well as marketing.

It is currently the nation's largest 'virtual' mall with over 6,000 registered merchants.

Chan Kee Siak, chief executive officer and founder of Exabytes, said the partnership between Exabytes and MOLPay would increase new merchant applications as well as boost the number of transactions of more brick-and-mortar retailers and merchants into the virtual realm of online e-commerce.

"Exabytes expects to grow our merchant list to at least 10,000 by year end at and I believe that the ease of incorporating a secure, online payment capability will encourage more traditional retailers to move full-fledged into the cashless and digital e-commerce model," he told a press conference here today.

Chan said MOLPay offered special package to Exabytes customers at zero setup fee. The payment methods include multiple secured payment gateways integration which accepts manual bank transfers, online bank transfers and credit cards.

"With MOLPay’s partnership in Malaysia, we are confident that Exabytes can contribute to the development of the local e-commerce scene.

"Exabytes will continue to partner with the right technology vendors to ensure that our 55,000 customers worldwide, will always have the best functionalities upgrade options to improve their website to higher standards," he said.

Meanwhile, MOLPay's chief executive officer Eng Sheng Guan, said "Setting up a retail website is insufficient. More and more retailers are looking to have a proper and secure online transaction system to encourage direct payment immediately upon online purchase by their customers.

"MOLPay provides this end of the solution very easily for Exabytes and its merchants." -- Bernama

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