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Covid-19 SOP Status starting 1 May 2022

 Refer to KKM announced new relax Covid-19 SOP starting 1 May 2022, here is a short summary on the relaxed SOPs:

1. Covid-19 patients need to be isolated for seven days but may be released on the fourth day if a professionally administered RTK-Antigen test comes back negative.

2. Entry to all premises will be allowed regardless of vaccination status.

3. Wearing face masks is still mandatory indoors and in public transport, including e-hailing services.

4. The wearing of face masks is not required outdoors but is “strongly encouraged”

5. MySejahtera check-ins are no longer required for entering premises and public areas.

6. Covid-19 patients and those under quarantine are barred from entering all premises.

7. Physical distancing is encouraged but no longer mandatory.

8. Shaking hands is allowed but one is advised to use a hand sanitizer or wash their hands immediately after.

9. Fully vaccinated travellers aged 13 and above as well as those who have contracted Covid-19 in the past 60 days can enter the country without taking Covid-19 tests before and after arrival.

10. Travellers aged 12 and below do not have to undergo Covid-19 tests upon arrival regardless of their vaccination status.

11. Travellers who have not been fully vaccinated will still need to be tested before and 24 hours after their arrival.

12. Non-Malaysian travellers will no longer need to have Covid-19 insurance to enter the country.

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