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Naruto 560: Uchiha Madara

Hi All!

Naruto 560 just has been released. But I am really shocked when read it. Uchiha Madara is unimaginably strong! But that is something everyone would expect! But the main question is: WHO THE HELL PERSON BEHIND THAT MASK and HOW UCHIHA MADARA DIE?

There are many questions behind that. As the Uchiha Madara said that he know brat known as Nagato, it shows that he didn't die quite a long time. From the conversation between Uchiha Madara and Kabuto, it seem that maybe Person Behind That Mask is still Uchiha Madara but he exits with unknown Method. Maybe it just Mind Transfer Jutsu like Orochimaru. Who know!

When Madara asked who the hell are the controller of this Edo Tensei, Kabuto (Using Muu Body) said that he is HIS assistance! (Did it means that Madara and Orochimaru already in contact and plan something together????

Now, Madara Shows that he obtain the power of Rinnegan. Means he manage to obtain Rinnegan eyes. Now we can see the legendary person already shows his jutsu and he is incredibly strong! How to face him now?

At the end of the chapter, It shows madara create an amazing jutsu which are very large and can strike for long range distant. How Crazy!

For more information, read Naruto 560 HERE.

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