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NICE: Spoiler & Prediction: Naruto 580 Manga

I'm still waiting manga naruto 580. It suppose to release today. But I found a spoiler that may be true. Quite interesting indeed. Lets injoys reading it ^_^

Scene starts with Kabuto about to launch his technique
Kabuto: Hakugeki no Jutsu!
Itachi: !?
Sasuke: !?
Kabuto emits sonar waves similar to frog song
Sasuke: Urgh what is this?
Itachi: Sasuke we need to fall back!
Kabuto: The Hakugeki Jutsu is similar to the sage’s frog song however, mine is upgraded, genjutsu on the uchiha would be fun but….
Itachi and Sasuke collapse
Kabuto: Radioactive paralysis is even better!

Scene switch to Kages
The 5 kages are back to back facing a crows of Madara’s
Madara: So you can’t even take one 5 clones of me separately. Really disappointing.
Mei: What do we do…
A: Dammit..
Onoki: We cannot lose..
Gaara: I’m almost out of chakra…
Tsunade: Enough! Listen to yourself, we are the 5 kages, have faith!
Madara: !
Tsunade looks at Madara
Madara’s panel suddenly becomes similar to a panel of Hanzo.
Hanzo: Faith?
Jiraiya: That’s right! We may be only 3, but you can’t play around with us!
Hanzo: Big words coming from someone who’s gonna die.
Orochimaru: We won’t die here.
Jiraiya: Because we are the three students of the professor himself.
Tsunade: And we were designed to stand as one.
Scene switches to young third in front of them.
Hiruzen: Now, this will be your first civil war. But remember, you each have talents no other shinobi processes. Orochimaru has the great snake’s, Jiraiya has the great toads and Tsunade has the great slugs.
Hiruzen: So no matter who you go up agaisnt, if it becomes a near death situation and you believe you won’t make it…just have..
Scene switch back to Amegakure.
Orochimaru,Jiraiya and Tsunade: Faith!
Hanzo: ….
Hanzo pulls out his sickle.
Hanzo: Those are the same words the great 3rd said to me…well, I’ll determine if they’re real.
Orochimaru and Jiraiya and Tsunade start charging.
Scene switch to kages
Madara: By testing if they’re real!
Tsunade: Hmm. Tsunade activates a jutsu.
A: That’s?
Mei: Tsunade-sama….why?
Tsunade: This is the final stand. Bring out your best guns because were ending this.
Tsunade’s body becomesfull of marking similar to kuchiyose.
Madara: !
Onoki: In that case..
Onoki stands beside Tsunade.
Gaara: I can only do this if I let my old self take over…I guess…this is a one time case.
Gaara walks beside her with his devilish murderous face.
Mei: I never wanted to use this eye…
Mei walks beside and removes her hair band, moving the hair away from her eye. The eye is stiched.
Onoki: What about you big guy.
A: Hmm. I don’t have my weights on…so I can’t control how fast I go…so using this could tear me to shreds…
A amps his chakra to v3. His chakra is so powerful that he’s almost fully converted into lightning.
A: Oh well.
Madara: Good, this means I can get serious as well.