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COOL: Naruto 569 - Prediction & Spoiler

Naruto seem to be absorbed by the 4th tails, Son Goku. Gai and Kakashi are very worried but they can help it since their hand also full with other opponent.

Naruto start to perform a hand seal. With some hand movement, Naruto try to unseal the Son Goku from the "chain" controlled by Tobi. Tobi realizes it and try to harden the seal.

Born with Uzumaki bloodline, Naruto seem to have a natural ability to perform the sealing jutsu. Naruto successfully unseal the chain of the Son Goku. Suddently, Son Goku seem disappear from the battelfield. The 4th tail jinchuriki remain in human form but he seem lost his jinchuriki power.

Naruto suddently appear with a different colour of his chakura.

Scene back to the five kages.

Most of the Kages looked exhausted except for Tsunade and Raikage. Madara ability is beyond imagination.

Tsucikage attack with his fastest subatomic dust technique but Madara use his Mokuton as a shield. The attack did not work.

Tsunade asked Raikage to bring her into front line since she does not really has a speed as fast as Raikage. Raikage initially do not accept the suggestion but Tsunade got a plan.

As other 3 kages as their back up, Raikage bring Tsunade at the front line in the same time Madara increases his attack using Mokuton. With Raikage speeds, he managed to escape all the mokuton attack!

Tsunade perform a hand seal and releases her poisonous chakura. She attack Madara head on! Madara do not have enough time to dodge the attack but he blocked with both hand!

Tsunade take the opportunity to implant the poisonous chakura to kill the Madara's ability to release mokuton! It it seem working!

Scene change to Naruto:

Tobi surprised when 4th tails is now absorbed by Naruto! And he is placed separately in Naruto's body, not in "cage" like Kyuubi.

Kyuubi talk to 4 th tails: What is the idea to come into Naruto body?
4 th tails: I came here as a rewards that Naruto released me from that of mask guy bastard sealing jutsu! Now, I will give my power to Naruto. If you dont have anything to do, just sleep peacefully in your nice cage! Hahaha..
Kyuubi seem angry a little bit but he do not bother about it. Naruto feel a new power within his body! Now he is ready to attack! Naruto perform thousands of his replications with his new chakura. Now, he creates multiple numbers of giant rasengan and ready to attack!


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