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GULP: Pengiklanan Innity: Syarat kelayakan laman web ditingkatkan


Sedihnya. Baru je laman web saya ini hampir mencapai requirement yang ditetapkan sebelum ini iaitu 20,000 unique visitor dan 100,000 impression. Nak ikutkan saya tak ada masalah nak capai 20,000 unique visitor sebulan sebab saya pun dah pernah capai lebih 34,000 sebulan tapi masalah saya ialah impression tak capai 100,000. Baru je syarat tersebut nak capai innity tingkatkan lagi syarat sesebuah website untuk sertai mereka!! pengsan! daripada 20,000 ke 40,000 unique visitor dan impression daripada 100,000 now dia mahukan 200,000!! Pengsan saya!! ni maklumat yang saya salin daripada website innity:

Should have a minimum of 200,000 page views per month Should have a minimum of 40,000 unique visitors per month Must be content-based, not simply a list of links or advertisements, nor can the site be centered on making money off our Advertisers.
Must be fully functional at all levels; no "under construction" sites or sections.
Cannot contain any adult content nor link from, or to, any adult materials.
Content cannot infringe on any personal, intellectual property or copyrights.
Content cannot include audio/video download, online streaming and file-sharing.
Content must be updated frequently (daily)
Traffic cannot be generated by utilizing any of the following methods:
– listings on newsgroups
– unsolicited bulk commercial e-mailing
– instant messenger postings
– chat room postings
Traffic cannot be generated by engaging in fraudulent methods including:
– robots
– spiders
– auto-spawning browsers
– auto reloading
– meta refreshes
– any other form of fraudulent or artificial traffic
Disclaimer: Innity reserves the right to reject any application. Applications that are blatantly in violation of our criteria may not receive a response.