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WOW: Naruto 575: Confirmed Spoiler Prediction

Page 1-3: Madara Assult the Five Kages, Creating a Forest with Single Jutsu

Page 4: Kabuto remarks that there is no living Shinobi as strong as the First Hokage.

Page 5: Everyone try to guard themselves from the dangerous pollen coming from the flowers in the forest

Page 6: Madara uses this to attack everyone with different types of attack.

Page 7: The mizukage attempt to counter Madara's Fire jutsu

Page 8: The Five kages seem fall in the ground, seem defeated.

Page 9: The Tsukage wonder it is the time for him to die. The Flashback begin.

Page 10: Oonoki talk to the previous kage on how the stone is simply the hardened wills of their clan.

Page 11: The old Tsucikage tell the Oonoki that his will is capable to changes the world and he mustn't abandon it no matter what kind of wall is he coming up.

Page 12: Flashback to Oonoki Fighting Madara. Flashback end.

Page 13: The current Tsucikage breaks out a crazy Jutsu.

page 14: He starts to stop making excuses and keep on fighting.

Page 15: The face of the First Hokage appears on Madara Chest. Kabuto muses that how this experment of his far suppress what orochimaru try to do with Danzou. His Fusing Madara with the first Hojage which is suppose to be stronger than Madara.

Page 16-18: Sasuke Runs into Itachi.


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