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Naruto manga 554 - Naruto the Hero vs Strongest Pass Raikage

Hi everyone!

As usual, Mr.PiNGu as a diehard fan of Naruto Series will never miss a chapter of Naruto Manga. I always looking forwards to the development of each character in Naruto. Now it is pretty interesting to see a lot of new jutsu after Naruto took over control of nine tails power. Rasengan, as his ultimate jutsu seem to be in various version using nine tail power! And if you remember last week, it seem that sasuke already awaken his ultimate eyes technique which is Eternal Mangekayo Sharingan after implanted Itachi's eyes.

This week, the plot of the story is all about fighting the strongest Raikage ever. I am really shocked when seeing that Raikage is the first ever Shinobi that are "invisible" through Naruto ultimate Ninjutsu, "Rasengan Shurikeen" It shows how strong the third Raikage are. At last of the chapter, it shows that Naruto try to produce the "Tail beast bomb" which he failed to produce before. I dont really agree if naruto can produce the tail beast bomb just one try in the battlefield because it seem that Naruto had a pretty hard time to learn this Ultimate Ninjutsu using Nine Tails Chakura. But we will see what happened next week.

There are a a lot of interesting battle can we see in this forth Ninja wars. We still got Mizukage playing around unbeatable then we have Sasuke who will show up soon in the battlefield. After that, Where is Madara, the invincible Shinobi which try to be the next "6 path of pain" using  Sharingan and Rinnegan. Itachi who is now overcome the Kabuto Edo Tensei stringed to his body try to face Kabuto to cancel the technique. Then, Kabuto still got something that he never shows yet. What is that? So, I am looking forwards to the other chapter later on~

So, if you want to read, U can go to this website:

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