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Spoiler naruto 502: The death match of the 4th

Cover is Minato.

The 4th’s struggle!!

Sasuke is crying.

Itachi is cradling (Sasuke)

Fugaku and Mikoto do not come out.

Kakashi and Gai are playing with each-other.

The 3rd Hokage feels something.

The 9tails summoned by the masked man goes to attack the village.

Some Anbu report to the 3rd Hokage.

The 3rd readies for combat.

Minato is stone faced (I think like poker faced) as the 9tails violently rampages.

9tails fires a cero from it’s mouth (lol what is this, Bleach (^_^) )

[I think this is = Minato stops it using a space/time barrier ninjutsu.]

Shikamaru’s dad and Chouji’s dad watch the fight.

{Before people jump to conclusions, it’s unclear who punches who at that point, although I believe it to be the masked guy getting hit, it might be Minato getting wailed on. It might be better to wait for someone else to confirm or deny that part.}

The masked man gets behind but Minato looks behind and punches him.

{This part is a pain in the rear, so take it with a grain of salt}

Lightning strikes and Minato jumps out of the way [using hiraishin maybe, i'm, not sure.]

The masked man manages to follow him.

Minato asks again, “Are you Madara”,

but again he gives no real answer.

The masked man tries to tie Minato up with chains, but he escapes using hiraishin.

Minato appears and throws his special kunai at the masked man, but it slips through him.

As it passes through the masked man, Minato attacks with a Rasengan from behind.

Minato says “there’s two levels to Hiraishin”

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