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Types of Vocal ( Jenis-jenis Vokal)

Vocal types: TQ for zarul (Umbrella) for sharing to me. =)

- Soprano -High female voice
- Mezzo-Soprano -Middle female voice
- Alto or Contralto -Low Female Voice
- Tenor -High Male Voice
- Baritone -Middle Male Voice
- Bass-Low Male Voice
- Bass-Baritone- A male voice that sound more like a bass than a baritone, without the low bass notes
- Basso Cantante - A high bass voice suitable for solo singing
- Basso Profundo- A deep bass voice having a compass of about two octaves above C below the bass staff
- Coloratura- A singer, usually soprano, who sings ornamental passages in music
- Countertenor- The highest male voice, also called alto, which is often falsetto
- Heldentenor- A tenor with a poweful dramatic voice well suited to heroic roles

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