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Best Friends ever ~

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera. WeLCoMe to my iGLoO!

My life was over,
Or so it had seemed,
I said my goodbyes,
And I silently screamed.

I knew it was wrong,
But it just felt so right,
When sadness creeps in,
It puts up a fight.

I went into the kitchen,
I looked all around,
I saw what I needed,
My heart started to pound.

I tested the edge,
As I picked up the knife,
I placed it over my wrist,
As I went over my life.

I had no one to leave,
Nobody who cared,
A small little girl,
Could certainly be spared.

The phone started to ring,
And I suddenly knew,
I don't really know how,
But it had to be you.

I slowly walked over,
And picked up the phone,
In that moment I'd never felt more alone.

You begged me to stop,
To not do what I would,
I said nothing at all,
I don't think that I could.

You cried and you pleaded,
And I didn't know how,
I had missed it so long,
But I finally saw now.

You may think life is hopeless,
That there's no help from above,
But as long as you have friends,
You'll always have love.

2 ulasan:

  1. lagu sape ni kakjah.. kaknab xpenah dgr pon..

    *kakjah=akak gajah
    *kaknab=akak arnab = santek


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