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One Piece Manga 651 - Voice from New World

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera!~ ;)

Hi Friends! One Piece 651 Finally released! Interesting. The title given is "Voice from the new world" Who's voice? I think that is the voice from one of the four emperor, Big Mom. I think she is Lola's mother!

That is really something when we see another King of the sea, the only female emperor. She is candy Love just like Chopper.

She is being mad when knowing the most lovely sweet Candy from Fishmen Island already gone because of Luffy Crew. By then, Fishmen Island is now in danger. But Monkey D Luffy stress that he the only one who eat all the candy! And he want to challenge Big Mom in New world!

Erm.. that is a big talk of Luffy but he do that on purpose, to save the Fishmen Island.. To read more.. Click here: ONE PIECE 651 

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