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Spoiler Naruto 544 manga: Madara create new pain?

Naruto is somehow the anime series I follow the most. I love Naruto so much. come to say about this, Everybody is waiting to the new chapter this week which is normally publish in Thursday. You can read at this website:

Ok for this week, Based on Naruto Spoiler 544, it really hard to believe that Madara created a new pain which seem to be more powerful compared to the original pain. This pain got a rinnegan and sharingan in their eyes. That crazy! Alright this is the spoiler. I dont know it is true or not:

Naruto turns into the yellow flash
raikage teaches naruto something
madara uses the jinchiriki to create a new Pain.

Somehow or another, Raikage has come to believe in Naruto too
madara has created a brand new pain
All of them have rinnegan and sharingan equipped

right eye, sharingan & left eye, rinnegan

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