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Naruto Shipudin Manga 545 - An immortal Army

Hi Guys!

A new manga Naruto already release! Awesome episode as usual. A lot of new information are known in this chapter. Good to go Kishi for creating good idea for your new episode. I would like to give my little comment about this new chapter. For those who haven't read yet, you can read here as well: mangastream.

The chapter started with Madara knowing the new Naruto's ability to sense the enemy intention, just like first Hokage's wife, Uzumaki Mito, which was also a Jinchuriki of Nine tails. We can conclude that Uzumaki Mito was able to control the nine tails power like Naruto.

Then, the plot moves to Medical team. Sizune and Sakura found that the white Zetsu is developed by the first Hokage's DNA and plus, they power up their ability by Kapten Yamato's Chakura. A report was given to the headquater.

Tsunade and Raigake back to the headquater. They got the report about white zetsu. Now, based on Tsunade analysis, we know the reason of madara's life long. He is a true immortal. With his high Ninjutsu ability and immortal body, they don't know how to defeat him.

Madara looked heading to the battlefield with another 6 new version of pain! He control the new pain with a pair of Sharingan-Rinnegan powerful eyes! That awesome. How do Naruto deal with this?? Shikaku gave his words and information about the situation in the battlefield and some information about Madara for counter attack. Shikaku remind Naruto about Madara evil intention.

Mini Rasen Shuriken

While heading to the battlefield, Naruto face a group of "Shinobi alliance's Ninja" which are basically enemy transformation. Naruto sense their identity and defeat them with some new powerful moves and techniques! Awesome Naruto! I love your new version of rasen shuriken using your finger! Cool!! ^_^

Then, we can see how Naruto's power react with the white Zetsu power. Oh! Naruto life's energy turns the "wood" or Mokuton power of white Zetsu into Tree! Now, we got some idea that Naruto can also fight Madara like that since Madara extent his body by Mokuton power! We got hint here ^_^

Naruto was then destroy the White Zetsu with his Ninja Frog! At the last page, we can see Naruto created Kage Bunshin and went to the battlefield. But I wonder how it happened? If you can recall back, at the older episodes, 8 tails informed Naruto that he can never create Kage Bunshin in Nine tail mode as Nine Tails can exhausted his chakura. But now Naruto did it. How can Kishi explain this?

Kage Bunshin in Nine Tails Mode??

OK. Hope everyone enjoy the new episod. ^_^

Mr.PiNGu: Sorrrrry guys if my English is bad. Heheeheee....

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